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This page is currently just a placeholder for kennethcasey.com. Since vanity pages have given way to Facebook and other such social sites, I will probably be using this for some other purpose soon. Check back if you have absolutely nothing better to do. First, however, make absolutely certain there is nothing better you could be doing with your time such as volunteering, participating in a 12-step program, arguing with an in-law, trip on a sidewalk and call 1-800-LEE-FREE to begin litigation against the hapless owner, let your imagination run its course. It is really very sad if that exercise ends with your browser sporting "http://www.kennethcasey.com.


For those of you finding yourself here out of desperation, I will do my best to put some content here which will hopefully go some way in remediating that which ails you. Just don't give up. I'll try to be here for you... :-)

Kenneth R. Casey, Jr. UPPPP (Unlicensed Para-Practitioner of Pseudo-Psychiatry)
If Sigmund Freud could practice psychiatry, I'm FAR, FAR more qualified than he!

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" ~ Sigmund Freud

"God is Dead" ~ Friederich Nietsche

"Friederich is Dead" ~ God